*  Building Code, Fire Code, NFPA, Factory Mutual, Local Municipality
        Requirements, etc.
    *  We work with local Building / Fire Code Officials, State Fire Marshals,
        Insurance Companies, Architects, Engineers, to make sure we design
        most cost effective and code complaint sprinkler system that meets
        the need of the each owner / tenant.
    *  We have the experience and capabilities to handle small remodel projects to large scale industrial facilities.


Olympic is a full service fabrication sprinkler company.
We cut, thread and weld materials in-house by certified tradesman which
allows Olympic Fire Protection to react to any scenario that comes our way.  Olympic Fire Protection is extremely flexible when quick turnaround
sprinkler jobs are required!


Olympic Fire Protection's veteran craftsmen will install your system in the
most efficient manner, on budget and on time.
Our sprinkler fitters use the best tools and equipment available.


We have a staff of specially trained technicians to maintain the optimum performance of your fire protection system. We offer periodic service agreements to supplement you engineering staff in the required maintenance of your fire protection equipment including fire pumps, systems and site equipment on a regular schedule. We also offer a broad range of less frequent inspections to help you comply with the requirements of local fire, building & safety departments and insurance companies, such as annual inspections and 5 year inspections. Call our testing inspection and maintenance department at 507-455-1150 for details. 


Olympic can handle all of your Fire Extinguisher needs. From questions on proper placement, type or a needed inspection. Our trained technicians ensure that your building meets all regulatory requirements.
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance:
Fire extinguisher Inspection - Testing - Servicing
Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services:
Annual inspections - 6-year internal inspections - 12-year hydrostatic testing
Fire Extinguisher Testing Services:
Dry Chemical - CO2 - Water - K Class
New Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets:
New fire extinguishers and cabinets for your new or existing building.